Blame Game
Kanye West ft. John Legend
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
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me as a parent


my kid: whats for dinner

me: THIS FAT ASSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me: *does split on the kitchen table*

No One Like You
Best Coast
The Only Place
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been around this crazy world,

but I still wanna be your girl

a bug flew on my screen and i killed him and now hes just chilling here with me

Grimes performing @ Budwieser Made In America
August 31, 2014. Philadelphia
Photos by Julia Hatmaker for PennLive

I’ve always been interested in how fast-moving our identity is and that I’ve never been able to pin down who I truly am. That inspires me to write, because I feel like that cements me a bit, in that I find my identity in being an artist.